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Migrating Email from GoDaddy O365 to Microsoft O365

Hi All,


I have an Email essential account here on Go Daddy hosting my own business domain email but I would like to migrate to Microsoft; I want to have the desktop version of Outlook and feel migrating from GD Office 365 to MS Office 365 will be more suitable for me as I'm not that IT savvy, it will just be simpler.


I have been using this previous Go Daddy community posting as a guide:


I have a concern which I hope someone can advise; when I sign in to my MS account (the account associated with me Go Daddy email) and attempt to purchase an Office 365 subscription I get the following notification:

You already have a subscription through work
Your organization manages your use of  myemail@uk. If you want to sign up for Office 365 Business Premium, sign out of your work account and create a new account that you manage on your own.


Now I have not yet deleted my Go Daddy Office 365 product from my Go Daddy account and perhaps once I have deleted my Go Daddy Office 365 product I will no longer received the above notification from MS and I will be able to continue my sign up for Office 365.

I would really appreciate if anyone could clarify this for me?


Much thanks.




Re: Migrating Email from GoDaddy O365 to Microsoft O365

I recently ran into a similar issue.  Verify this strategy with other resources, but here is what worked for me.  

1. Be sure to back up a copy of your current email file. (ost or pst).  If you have an exchange account, the data is kept in the cloud.  When the account is closed, the data is no longer available.  I saved my exchange account email data as a .pst and that didn't work.  I lost it... all of it!   So, find the folder on your computer that holds the data for your current email account with GoDaddy, and save it where you can easily get to it once you have migrated over to Microsoft Office 365.

2. Go to > Office 365 and purchase the package that you want.  Set up a temporary password with Microsoft that will get you up and going and will not require you to attach your email to a specific domain.

3. Verify that you have a backup of your email data, then cancel your email account with GoDaddy.  You will need to call in and have them do something in their back office to break the link between your GoDaddy Office 365 email address and your GoDaddy domain.   (I am assuming you have your domain with GoDaddy, otherwise, you probably would not have an Office 365 email with them.)

4. Now that your email address is no longer associated with GoDaddy, go back to Microsoft Office 365 and associate the domain with the account.  This doesn't mean that you are moving the hosting, that will stay with GoDaddy.  You are simply telling Microsoft Office 365 the domain that will be associated with your email address.  To Microsoft, this is a new email address.

5. Now that Microsoft knows of your domain, you should be able to set up a new email address with Office 365.  Important: Use the exact same email address as you had with GoDaddy.  All new email will come to your new, Microsoft Office 365 version of this email address.

6. You will need to import your data from you old (GoDaddy version) email account because it is long gone.  This is where it gets tricky, and to be honest, I failed miserably on this step.  I saved my exchange account as a .pst file and when I went to restore it to my new Microsoft email, there was no data.  

I hope this helps.