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Moving Email to GoDaddy

I have had a GD domain for years. I have the domain connected to another host with a single associated email address. I have decided to redesign my website with another website design service which also hosts but does not offer mail service.


I need to disconnect my domain from my host and move it to my website design host. I want to use my free email with GD to import/transfer my existing domain-based address to keep my business email alive.


My host is using CPanel for my access to my hosting, website design and email. My email is with Webmail (ex. - I don't necessarily need Apple Mail but I have that on an IMAP now as well hooked to my host's server.


My hope (lol) was to seamlessly recreate my email in workspace so when I disconnect my domain from my current host to connect to my new site, I wouldn't lose my email data. 


Is this possible?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Moving Email to GoDaddy

Hi @jt2ou. That should be possible if I understand the situation correctly. The main thing you'll need to decide is how you want to manage your domain's DNS.  The DNS is hosted on the nameservers you specify for the domain. The most common way to change hosting providers is to switch to their nameservers. However, since you're going to be moving your websites and email's separately, you may just want to use GoDaddy nameservers, if you're not already doing that. However, you can still make it work if you chose to use the nameservers of your new provider (usually). Here's the timeline I would suggest:

  1. Set up the Workspace Email address with us. 
  2. Back up any important emails you have with your current provider. 
  3. Backup your DNS records (if you're using another companies nameservers). 
  4. Park your domain. This will set you to default GoDaddy nameservers and DNS records. That is usually enough to get the correct MX Records for mail delivery. 
  5. Check to make sure your domain has the correct MX Records for the mail you have with us. 
  6. Update your domain's A Record to point to the IP address of your new hosting provider. 


Your domain will deliver your email wherever your MX records are pointing. If you can leave the email addresses up at both hosts for about 48 hours, that should give you uninterrupted email service. During the transition, new email messages will be delivered to one address or the other. The DNS change won't import any email you have with your current email host (nor is there a way to do that), so you will want to backup any important emails you have with them. Downloading them to an email client usually suffices. 


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