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Mx Records Error



I'm getting this error and I'm not sure how to fix it.

I have other similiar domain emails that do not have this issue.


How can I fix it?

Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: Mx Records Error

Hello @Asker


You could try to "use default nameservers" but that can generate a hole new set of problems.

Unfortunately, due to the confidential information that are necessary, your problem is not something that can be solved here (on the forum).

Someone will have to access your account in order to investigate what's wrong, but no one from the forum can do that.
You should contact (by phone or chat) a customer support representative in order to investigate the problem from your account.

Live chat team is on Mon-Fri at 5AM - 6PM Arizona time UTC-7 and phone support is on 24/7 here


Good luck.


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Re: Mx Records Error

After talking with the support, it was a problem that could be solved here and without them.


So I cannot accept this as an answer.


Just for the record, the MX records point the domain to a mail exchange server.


I had not MX records on this domain and I've added them.

Email :: MX records have errors - but not in the DNS settings

I'm seeing an error in an email forwarding config, that an "actual setting" mail.{domain}.com should be &  


The problem is, that's incorrect- the CANME and MX records are as specified in the "should be" config.  It's like the "Retry MX" link is broken, or it's wedged somehow.  I've waited 24 hours for TTL and still nothing.