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My Emails are not sent to some email providers

I am trying to send emails from my web hosting service, but it is not reach at all to some servers such as, ... etc.

any help for this issue.


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Re: My Emails are not sent to some email providers

The services you mention are notoriously used by spammers for throw-away accounts.  And, therefore, those services are tougher to get e-mails into.  So, if you are doing anything even remotely spammy that could cause your e-mails to get blocked. 


Here's some articles that may help:  How to Avoid Sending Spammy Looking Email


On your website contact form page you'll also want to put a note to your site visitors on yahoo, gmail and hotmail for them to add your e-mail address to their approved senders or whitelist so that your e-mail can get through.  If you are not blacklisted and they don't do that there really is not much you can do...


You can check to see if your domain and IP are blacklisted on this site: 


HTH! 😉

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Re: My Emails are not sent to some email providers

Do the DNS records for your domain include a SPF record?

the SPF record is a TXT record that specifies what servers are authorized to send mail on behalf of your domain.  Lack of an SPF record will cause many services to either discard your messages entirely or treat them as spam.


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Re: My Emails are not sent to some email providers


I have one issue that i want to change my MX record to my personal email server. 

when i do that my emails are not going from godaddy hosted domain.


please let me know why  this happening?

what sort of a settings required?

i also added SPF record. 

Re: My Emails are not sent to some email providers

I've been working on this for several weeks now... can someone please tell me what to check or what to look for to solve an email sending issue from Wordpress Host..I get emails on my Outlook accounts that are hosted with GoDaddy, but when I try to send to anyone outside of what I have hosted, the emails are not received... not in junk, just not arriving period. I've tried to hit stmp servers at gmail. with connection refused along with several others and no luck... its like I need to use another relay to get out? I'm new to the web hosting but not totally incapable of navigation through this... just need some real solutions and direction... Thanks!


Re: My Emails are not sent to some email providers

Did you find a way to deal with GoDaddy emails not getting delivered? It's interesting that they say that you cannot send from their secure server. But I am able to do that via code, without using web.config. So, maybe you can find a way to accomplish that. I generate everything via code. I haven't tried to send it to a Yahoo account, however. I looked for some type of relay to send email to another server that would forward it to the named recipient. But no success thus far.



Re: My Emails are not sent to some email providers

I found this website: helpful in mx error checking. However I'm not sure how accurate the error checking is. I ended up having to Google additional information.


In addition to checking webmail to see the status of emails, you can also check your email delivery reports to see what error messages are being generated. For VPS Hosting they are found in WHM under "Email." It will tell you whether your messages are going out. My reports showed a status of "Accepted" even though the mail did not reach the recipient.  


For GoDaddy VPS hosting if you run into any issues beyond your level of expertise, it is hard to get any assistance. I have found limited assistance from their support documentation. They have a premium subscription service for WordPress but I only need a one time configuration of mail. I will have to keep calling until I find someone who can provide the proper assistance.


It is hard to believe there is no documentation or help text in the WHM dashboard that lets you know where to find configuration items or pages that contain default configuration settings.


I am unable to find where port 25 is configured and I am unable to find the section to check to see if my relay settings are set to open. I've gotten partial help that did not resolve my issue on a couple of occasions.


If they could put out a simple document on configuring email with the proper settings and where to enter them, that would help most of us who are experiencing these issues.  


If I figure it out I will post what I find.




Re: My Emails are not sent to some email providers

I bought an email support@***.center today. However when I try to send mail to Gmail, It always get failed.

I got this email "

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

Your message wasn't delivered because the recipient's email provider rejected it."

What should I do now?