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My Godaddy Outlook email not receiving

I have been using this basic web hosting plan on Godaddy, first of all my domain is registered elsewhere and now I also use cloudflare. I have configured my cloudflare DNS setting for office 365 but I still get "dns misconfigured error when sending messages to the email" I have not recieved any email in my inbox on this. 


 My intended plan of action is to revert to godaddy cpanel mail, but even that did not work when I tried that is why I need help configuring this to work.


Hi @MoodyMuda :


Please provide more information about the domain name that the email account is set up on.  If it has always worked, then suddenly stopped working, I encourage you to call in to our customer care team to check into the issue further.  If this is an initial set up, with the domain at a different provider, you may just need to add a TXT record to the domain name settings (DNS).  This article may be helpful if you want to check on it yourself before calling in : Office 365 set up with external domain 

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