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Mysterious DKIM signature added to cPanel email – shared hosting

I have Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel (shared hosting) and am trying to set up mailboxes within cPanel to replace the free Workspace Email which is “going away” – as indicated in this thread: Your free Workspace email is going away.


I have created a mailbox in cPanel, changed the DNS MX record, and can send and receive email via SMTP and POP3 using an email client (Thunderbird).


However, a DKIM signature is being added to outgoing messages.  This does not validate as there is no key for the signature (in the DNS records).


I do not know where the private key signing the messages is coming from, where I might find the corresponding public key, or indeed what configuration on the shared server is causing the messages to be signed.


The feature “emailauth” is not enabled on my account so I have no access to the Email Deliverability feature of cPanel to modify DKIM settings.


If I could find the public key, I could create a DNS record for it.  Alternatively, if I could prevent the DKIM signature being added, that would also be fine.  But I cannot figure out how to do either.  As things are, messages will be treated as spam.  Any suggestions?


(Incidentally, if I try and send email from within the cPanel web app, e.g. Horde or RoundCube, it usually disappears into the ether and is never delivered, but the one email that did get through also had the same problem.)