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Need a domain whitelisted

I want to receive emails from Gray Hair Management and to not block those coming from their domain  These aren't spam, GoDaddy, so why are you driving me to switch to Gmail addresses so I can receive them?

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Depending on what specific email service and client you are using you can typically add any addresses you want to "whitelist" to your contacts or address book. For specific directions you would have to let us know what service and client you are using. I hope that helps?

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Isn't there a way to whitelist a domain on GoDaddy email? A setting either for all accounts or by each account?


Standard setting to prevent emails from getting marked as spam by secure .

Go Daddy support.  I have notified you on several occasions that you are blacklisted on


Since you use a centralized server for many accounts you do need to get this resolved. I have had numerous occasions where I am able to trace it down to this as the issue. When i contact technical support on this, they are absolutely no help at all. You can validate this using my domain on I has shown that you are on spam canibal's site for quite some time. I cannot remove this. This must be done by you. 

Yes, I would like to also know how to address the issue of my non-godaddy-related-email getting blocked when being sent to my godaddy-email-account. It's only for that specific email address to this specific email address. It sounds like All I need to do is get it whitelisted with you guys, but I can't find how or where?


I have to idea why I am doing this!