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Need to Send Email to Customer After Purchase from my Storefront

Solutions?  This seems pretty straightforward--the ability to send my new customer an email after they purchase a subscription to my SaaS web app.

My storefront is completely built.  I have a Comodo cert.  I have a merchant account.  But I can't seem to get my .NET web app (MVC-5) to simply send an email after someone makes a purchase.

My email contains their username and password--so they must have this to sign into my web app.

Currently, I have a GoDaddy issued Office 365 email address (

My domain name is

I've tried just about everything but nothing works.  Not even this code:

                    'Email the new subscriber
                    Dim message As New MailMessage
                    message.From = New MailAddress("")
                    message.To.Add(New MailAddress(""))
                    message.Subject = "Approved!"
                    message.Body = "Congratulations"
                    Dim client As New SmtpClient
                    client.Port = 25
                    client.Host = ""
                    client.UseDefaultCredentials = False
                    client.EnableSsl = False