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Needing to log in every time i open Outlook on Mac

I've recently set up a new email address on a new Mac laptop & every time I turn on my laptop and open Outlook a GoDaddy pop up appears for me to log in to my emails. How was I remain logged in to Outlook?


Hi Jenna,


I think the best way for you to remain logged in is to use Microsoft 365 subscription service and add the Godaddy iMAP configuration or MX exchange list from your email server. My guess is that the outlook version you're using doesn't recognize your custom email because you haven't yet added it to Microsoft 365 or suppose the desktop application as well account list. I'd try either of those to troubleshoot my way around the issue. Let me know how it goes!

I'm having the same issue! 

@josephmfisher - how do I do what you're suggesting? (I'm not the most tech savvy) Thanks!

I'm having exactly the same issue. My Outlook was running fine until about 3 days ago and now I get the same GoDaddy pop-up window everything. To make matters worse I have two custom domains... one is mine one is for another company to which I am a consultant. So this happens double. AND I cannot access both email accounts (including calendars, tasks, contacts, etc.) at the same time. I have to physically log out of Outlook and log back in again, change the GoDaddy Pop-up login to the other account and then I can access the other domain. This is happening on my MacBook Pro, my other two iMacs run un-affected same setup everything. The thing that drives me nuts about this is that I spend an hour on the phone with GoDaddy 365 tech support and was told that Outlook on the Mac is "Crappy" and I should just un install it and go back to using Apple Mail! Come on. SOS, someone?