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No more Included Free Email Packages On Delux Hosting? - Expiring Soon Alert

Smiley SurprisedI recently found I have alerts on all accounts in my email management page that state "expiring Soon" and does not give a day count. I have checked my hosting package and it states it comes with included email. I've contacted customer support and was informed "There are no longer free email accounts, you'll have to purchase a package". I don't see other posts on here about this issue and was wondering if this was in error and the rep was confused or are the email packages included with deluxe linux hosting going away?

I should also include that I have renewed my package last year for a 2yr term and I've confirmed all my packages are up for renewal in 2020. This shouldn't be happening in my opinion until next year as if at all as I've already been charged last year for a certain package and term.

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Re: No more Included Free Email Packages On Delux Hosting? - Expiring Soon Alert

Hey there @ACTSolutions 


It sounds like you were using free Workspace email accounts that used to come with the hosting for free. They're very limited compared to the paid plans, but they used to get handed out for free. When it says your hosting package comes with free email, it means the cPanel email functions, not those. GoDaddy has been slowly weeding out the free Workspace accounts for years now. 


Their O365 email is a rather good service and you can always continue using the cPanel email that's included with your hosting package.

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