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Not able to access free emails



I have purchased website deluxe package for my website

I am trying to create free account but I am not able to create. 

Every time I go from manage workspace email ...the contents are disabled.


Please help me out,


Hi @royaleiffel, thanks for posting.

If you are trying to setup free email addresses that you received with your hosting plan, you will want to ensure that you are first activating the credit. See the section under Step 3 in this article:

If you continue to have trouble setting up email, you may want to contact Support fro assistance with your account.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hello royaleiffel,

   Sorry to hear about your email troubles. One possibility that comes to mind is that you may have purchased a Deluxe cPanel hosting account. If this is the case the email would need to be created within the cPanel platform that is separate from the worskpace email.  I have included a guide below for help with cPanel email creation. 


cPanel | Set up email accounts


Hope the helps!


Hello, I wanted to ask for a domein,
my English is bad and I do not know many words, but I'll ask

How do I get my domain back

I forgot to pay, and now I do not know how to take it

Can you take a look and give me answers can you?

Hey @GoldTea,


It sounds as though your domain expired and you want to redeem it.  You might be able to do so from within your account, however, if you haven't located the domain in the "Expired Domains" section of your Domain Manager, you'll need to connect directly with support via phone.



ML - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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