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Not getting undeliverable notice

I have a basic (Linux) hosting package with GoDaddy and have set up a couple of email accounts. The site is being used as a small club membership site.


All works well and I can send and receive mail.


However, I need to know if any mail I send is undeliverable. For example, if a user registers on my website and mis-types their email address. Unless I get an undeliverable mail message I will not know there is a problem. The user never receives a mail and cannot log in.


But using Office 365 or the webmail client and sending mail to ficticous addresses does not result in an undeliverable message.


Do I need to activate this somewhere?




Re: Not getting undeliverable notice

Hello TheTub,

   One option, if using Office 365, is to setup Delivery Confirmation and Read Receipts. You could also use the ECP for Office 365 to preform a mail trace to check for message failures or delivery confirmations. Below I have linked to a couple Microsoft forums to show how utilize the 2 suggestions.


Get delivery and read receipt confirmations


Run a Message Trace and View Results



Hope this helps!



Re: Not getting undeliverable notice

Hi @TheTub. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community!


Regarding your question about getting bounce back messages, I'm not 100% sure, but I think this may be part of the application you're using to send the messages out. I know for some (like phpList) there is an option to configure bounce settings. You may want to see if the application you're using has the ability to set that up. Hope that helps!


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Re: Not getting undeliverable notice



Thank for your help.


As a test, I sent out mail to a ficticious email address from Outlook Office 365 (set up as IMAP Secure SSL), Horde Mail from the GoDaddy control panel and from a php script using the secure and non-secure methods.


None of these mails resulted in an undeliverable notice.


Note that an undeliverable notice is different from a delivery or read receipt.


Many thanks




Re: Not getting undeliverable notice

Was this issue resolved?  I am experiencing the same problem.  Mail I send to non-existant or mistyped addresses from two different Godaddy Linux/cpanel accounts does not receive an undeliverable notice.  It's not a sending email client issue, occurs with both webmail and Outlook.