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Office 365 Account displaying separately from existing email accounts in Outlook 2007

Hi All,


I have a client who I recently set up with a new Office 365 email account to match her new domain. We used the Outlook 365 Wizard to get the account listed in her existing Outlook 2007 platform.


The new email is functioning properly (incoming/outgoing), however, her existing three accounts are listed under a separate "profile." When she opens Outlook 2007 from her desktop it asks her whether she wants to open her "Outlook" account (containing her three existing inboxes) or her "GoDaddy" email account (containing the new inbox that has been set up). She would like all four inboxes in one glance rather than having to "switch" between them.


Is there any way we can get the Outlook365 account displaying with the other three accounts?


Thanks for your help!