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Office 365 Business Premium, Onedrive sync to Synology NAS using Synology CloudSync

Hi All,


I have Godaddy Office 365 Business Premium and I'd like to sync Onedrive to my Synology NAS. This is supported by Synology's CloudSync package. 


I am unable to get this to work, when going thru the set-up on the NAS I receive a 'Bad Gateway' error when agreeing to allow CloudSync access to my 'personal' information. Having spent considerable time speaking to Synology support the view is its the Godaddy version of Office 365 thats causing the issue. We have tested a number of scenarios incl. a standard Microsoft Onedrive edition which does work. I should add earlier during the config I log-in to Onedrive via the Godaddy login, no issue at that point.


Synology have offered to try and debug via access to the account but I'm reluctant given we use this for my company.


Any ideas? 

Getting Started

I would like to know on this issue as well.


Just to let you know how far I got. I raised a ticket with Synology support and had extensive discussions with them. In summary they said it was provider (Godaddy) issue and was related to their setup of O365, hence this post. I haven't yet taken it further yet given some time constraints on my side.

Next logical step would be a Godaddy ticket.

The strange thing is, it used to work, I have 2 Synology NAS, old and new. Cloud Sync works on my old NAS, I haven't updated or modified since set-up approx. 2yrs ago. I am unable to set-up the same on my new NAS. 


I actually got on the phone yesterday with both Godaddy product development for Office365 and Synology. Godaddy stated that nothing on their end has changed with respect to authentication and logging on in the past year or so, this problem started happening in May for me. I sent Godaddy a video of the "bad gateway" that is happening, they stated that something is getting choked up on the authentication side. They were willing to jump on a call with tech support for Synology to resolve. I ended up calling Synology and they stated that they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix, they were also unwilling to have tech support jump on call with Godaddy. Both companies are pointing the finger at each other. The true test would be to have someone that has Office365 for business that was purchased directly from Microsoft try using Synology to see if it works. 


Thanks for the details. Good to know Synology are working on a fix, a bit strange they wouldn't join a call though. I'm aware their tech guys are in the far east so that may have something to do with it.

I agree with your point re. test with O365 direct from Microsoft, I would have thought Synology could do that test themselves. I'm a developer myself, I'd have thought it should be part of their test cases given most NAS are aimed at small businesses and O365 is very popular. Unfortunately I don't know anybody else with the required set-up.

I must admit I stopped pursuing after it was clear I was burning a lot of time and getting nowhere.

Would you mind keeping me in the loop if you hear anything further?



I'm having the same problem with when Office365 Business Account syncing onedrive and my account was not set up through godaddy, I just stumbled on this thread looking for answers for my issue...




Ok so this is actually quite embarrassing on Synology's part because their whole story behind this was that because Onedrive for Business was purchased through Godaddy, that there is some sort of firewall blocking the syncing to Synology's NAT. I knew it was BS when Synology gave me that pathetic excuse because GoDaddy reps were willing to jump on a call with Synology reps but Synology refused to do so. So now that we proved a point that the issue is in fact NOT caused by One Drive for Business purchased from Godaddy, but in fact just caused by One Drive for Business in general and Synology. This is entirely a Synology issue because One Drive for Business worked in the past then all of a sudden stopped. We have to all open cases up with Synology and point them to this forum and explain that this is there issue! 

Completely agree.


@Chris - I suggest opening a ticket with Synology, when I did this they claimed it was a Godaddy issue, clearly that avenue is no longer available and they will have to have a 'proper' look.




I agree with @mbind42 on this. My Synology case is pointless because their excuse is that it is stemming from GoDaddy. Now that we know its not, we need a user like you who has Office 365 from Mircosoft directly, to open up a case with them. 

Just to add that I am having this issue too.....

I cant believe Synology wont fix this issue!

So apparently the issue is now gone on my end,  Synology must of fixed the issue.