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Office 365 Downloads Mail Repeatedly, Constantly Asks for Logon, etc. Customer Service doesn't help

I purchased Office 365 through Go Daddy because I thought I would have good customer service.  That wasn't the best choice.  Since downloading last year, the problems haven't stopped.  Go Daddy has connected me with people that have no clue about the product and have continued to skirt the issue.  Once again I contacted the Office of the CEO (that is who I was working with) and told them my email is constantly downloading duplicate emails and there is a fix for this, but I cannot download version 16.0.6568.2036. 15.32 is the latest update on my end. The latest email from Terri H. said, "We are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your O365 email plan. Given that our office is not a technical support channel, we recommend reaching out to our 24/7 Customer Care Center at 480-505-8877."  That is a far cry from Mike Lyon's previous email that stated, "I sincerely apologize.  I'm going to follow up with our Email teams and see if they can connect with you ASAP."


Today I called customer service and spoke to a person named Erin.  Once again, no help.  I had to repeatedly tell him this is a known Microsoft issue and I am unable to download the update.  All he could suggest was download a new copy of Office......  I asked to speak to a tier two person and he said they are only available by chat.  Chat is UNAVAILABLE!   There is also not a fix for constantly being asked to logon.


Has anyone found a solution to the duplicate email downloads and being asked to logon?  GoDaddy does not seem to be able to help.

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you say it is 'a known Microsoft issue'. Then your issue really is with Microsoft, not Godaddy. You also say that an update is required but that you can't apply the update.  And yes, a new installation of office would seem like a normal response to such an issue and I would try the solution offered by support.


I don't see a fault actually with being asked to logon each time..........

I'm seeing 'chat available' right now..... there are wait times though

In order to talk to Microsoft you have to have a referral number from GoDaddy since I purchased Office through GoDaddy.  I have listened to GoDaddy since November without any help.  There are several other people I know with the GoDaddy product that have the same issue.  It is obvious by your response it is the blind leading the blind.  It would be beneficial if the "trusted advisor" would do a little research before posting an invalid response.


I don't know what your screen says, but mine says, "Chat agents are currently unavailable."

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I can see straight away what your main problem is; your manner with people just trying to help. I understand your frustration but there is no need to be so rude.

I'm not surprised you are not getting far...............


could indeed help more, but now my business rates just went up to £40 per hour from 'free help' NEXT TIME!!


And really that's as simplified as it gets..................