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Office 365 Email Essentials Server Settings

Dear All,


I need help with setting up my SMTP for outgoing and incoming emails. I bought an email ( and domain account from godaddy to use for my web application support. I want to use the purchased Office 365 Email ( to be my sender and receiver for my web application. The web application requires the detail as below to enable the integration. 


1. Server address

2. Server port

3. Domain

4. Username

5. Password

6. Enable/disable Start TLS Auto

7. Enable/disable Force TLS


Please advise. thank you.


Re: Office 365 Email Essentials Server Settings

Hi JimmyBuay,


If it's asking for a server address for incoming it will be: 

Server name:

Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL.


For the outgoing server settings it will be 

Server name:
Port: 587

Encryption method: TLS.


On some apps or clients for domain name it is left blank or may have you use your full email address.


Username will be the full email address( as an example) and use the password you created for the email address.


As for the TLS settings,  every app or client has different settings that it asks for. TLS is used for SMTP, so you can try to enable on both and if unsuccessful disable.


I hope this information helps!


Take care,




Re: Office 365 Email Essentials Server Settings

These settings are not working for me

Re: Office 365 Email Essentials Server Settings

I am having the same problem... 

Was there any solution to this?

Re: Office 365 Email Essentials Server Settings

I have no storage for my emails through go daddy. Every email just disappears shortly after receiving it. Does someone have a solution to this. Thanks

Re: Office 365 Email Essentials Server Settings

Hey @Carltonpace,


From the sounds of your description, it makes it seem like you might have an email client (like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) pulling emails down to the local computer they are on.  If you haven't already done so, I would recommend updating your password, to effectively disable that email client.  If you keep experiencing the issue, our support team may be able to take a closer look and see if there's anything else going on.


Hope that helps.



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