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Office 365 Email Not Syncing With Outlook 2016 - recently migrated my Hosted Exchange.

GoDaddy recently migrated my Hosted Exchange email plan to Office 365.  I went through the migration process including using the Outlook Setup Assistant app.  I am getting email in my inbox through the web portal but not through Outlook 2016 (Windows 10) even though Outlook shows I am connected to my email server.


Hey @tlroberts,


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That's an unusual issue. Have you tried removing the email profile and re-adding it to your Outlook client? Have you been able to setup the email address in any other clients or devices without any issue?


If it's just the Outlook client on your desktop that is not pulling up your received messages, I'd suggest reaching out to our live support so they can help go over your settings just to be sure everything is as it should be for your email address. 


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