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Office 365 Online Essentials not working after 30+ hours

I recently switched back to Office 365 Online Essentials on one of my domains.  Mail IS NOT working.after almost 2-days.


I don't have time to spend on the phone with Customer Support.  Chat is always offline and there seems to be no Email support for GoDaddy anymore. 


DNS Setting check is good.  I even made a visual inspection and it seems fine.  I would really like to use my business e-mail again.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Office 365 Online Essentials not working after 30+ hours

Hello @mactavious, hopefully the email is working now, but if you're still seeing an issue, please give our support teams a call as soon as you are able.  That will be the best way to determine what is causing the problem, and to get it fixed.  We do not offer general email support as a contact option, so in the event that you need to speak to our teams, you'll want to call in, or use the live chat option during the hours of operation.  Chat can be reached from our US homepage and is available Monday through Friday from 5AM to 6PM (Arizona, USA time zone).  Thanks.