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Office 365 and Wix Integration

So I bought the Office 365 email plan for a customer and got the message below on how to set it up since the domain is registered with Godaddy, but hosted on Wix. Nothing worked so I cancelled the account and will get email directly from Wix. No refund of my $71.88 came so I called customer service and spoke to Jermell. He said it is past the 30 days so no way to get a refund.

I spend hundreds of dollars with Godaddy because they have always had great customer service and refunded money for products if they don't work. Not this time. Looks like all 94 of my domains, web hosting need to be moved away from Godaddy since service is not what it used to be. I will spend my money elsewhere. 

One last step to get your email working
We finished creating your Office 365 account for the following username:

Nice work verifying your domain! Now you're ready for the final step.

To receive email in this new account, you need to set your email destination for to work with Office 365, so your email is directed to the right place.

Please log in to your GoDaddy account and follow the instructions. We'll give you all the information you need.
Helper III

Hi Ron_Lovell. I've been with GoDaddy for 5 years, have bought products & received many refunds over the years. I might be able to clarify some issues with you.


I'm not trying to be mean, but it's common sense to call up GoDaddy when you cancel out products especially when trying to get a refund. Otherwise, their employees have to go through the extra hassle of figuring out if you cancelled it or not, if you've already received a refund for it trying to play them, before making sure you're within guidelines of receiving a refund.


In order for GoDaddy to be a successful hosting company along with a vast amount of partners & affiliates, it's necessary to implement fair common sense standards for all its customers. If they allowed you to use 1 of their services for 1/2 of its duration, then you tried to get a refund on it, that would defeat the purpose of having a business. It sounds like you've already done that to a degree with the refunds you mentioned you received in the past.


There's a reason why GoDaddy is currently the #1 hosting provider in the world. If it's your wish to go to a smaller hosting provider that promises you everything in the world, that's your decision to make. 


As for your question, the answer is very simple. You needed to point your domain's I.P. address to the Office 365 email plan instead of Wix's. Pointing a sub-domain to it would've probably been ideal, if you wanted to use the same domain with your Wix hosting. From that point on, you setup your emails.


I wish you the best with your 96 domains and figuring out the best plan of action for your business.

Hi All,


I am using wix for a tempsite. They also have email marketing services, I was wondering what would be a valid SPF record since I use GD o365 for emai, to make sure my emails get sent from wix automated email marketing?


Thank you!