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Office 365 group calendar email notifications issue?

I have added a group to my Office 365 Sharepoint site. I can access the group calendar from Outlook 2016 installed on my laptop and create calendar entries in the group calendar, so that works fine.


However, I want to create and delete appointments without sending an invitation to the group, and I can do this if I use Office 365 Outlook online (by unchecking the "Send an invitation to the group" box, then save), however, in Outlook 2016 on my laptop I can create an appointment without choosing invitees and save this to the group calendar, but if I then subsequently want to delete the appointment it forces me to send a cancellation email to all members of the group!


Also, if I try to delete an appointment that was created using Office 365 Outlook online as described above, using Outlook 2016 on my laptop I get the error message "You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object. See the folder contact or your system administrator" However, I am the owner of the group?


If Outlook 2016 could allow me to create an entry in the group calendar that I could delete without forcing an email to be sent to all members that is the functionality that I am looking for.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? or does anyone have a method that will let me use my group calendar in this way?