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Office 365 who who needs it

I recently had my domain transferred to my new account. I was already using GoDaddy email under my business partners credentials. When the transfer was started, my email account was shut down.  I had Microsoft Outlook and Office 2010 on my laptop.


In order to get my email up and running, I was told that I needed to purchase Office 365.  Since I run a consulting business, I was in  panic and I agreed to the upgrade.  Maybe I'm old school, but I hated Office 365 and it caused me lot of issues.


I called DoDaddy support and had a very nice young man help me solve my issue.  He spent over and hour on the phone with me!  All I really needed to do to get my email back up and running was to create another profile using an IMAP instead of  a POP server.


Now I am being required to pay almost $400 for software that I will never use and never needed in the first place. I guess the sales guy is happy, but the CUSTOMER is certainly not happy.