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Office 365

Hi Guys! I need help please. I am not techy guy. I just bought my first paid email address few days ago and I was disappointed because, my first attempt to email my client using my new email didn't work. It shows that my email is suspected as spam by my clients email. I used my free email which is from yahoo to send the email and I was shocked, the email is sent. Any one can help me why is this happened to my new account? Is this normal or did I miss something on the process? Thanks in advance!


Hi @ajangoluan


Thank you for your post. There can be many reasons why the bounceback would occur. Unfortunately with office 365 the best way to get support is by speaking with our agents. 


However, here are some simple things to consider. 

-If you are using an email program like Outlook or Apple mail, try the webmail and see if that resolves the issue. 


-If you have added a signature to the email, try removing that and see if it allows the message to be delivered.


-send a test email to one of your free addresses like yahoo, gmail and hotmail. Does the message get delivered? Does the sending address show properly with your handle and domain in it?



If any of those apply or have ensured that after some troubleshooting the issue is still occurring please contact our support agents and we would be happy to assist with the matter with further in depth investigation. 


Best Wishes!