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Optimize webhosting and email

Hello Gurus...

This can get a little complex, please excuse me if I don't know all the proper lingo.  But I definitely need some help here.  Bare with me, I'm a novice at this stuff, but when something is not right.


I have domain I purchased a while back -

I built a basic website and hosted with goDaddy

I can get to the C-Panel of

later on I purchased 

While speaking with sales rep, I was convinced to get Office 365, because I thought that was the only way to get email with

I wanted a website for as well.


Long story short, is now a sub-domain of .  Meaning when I go into C-Panel, I have to go to sub domain to get to  Hence there is a dependency here.

I no longer want or use, I heavily use now

I can't just remove or delete because is a subdomain of that.

This is what I want...I only want as the MAIN domain, I want to get rid of completely.  I have a website on that I want to keep in tact.

Also I want more email addresses!  Since I signed up with Office 365, I can only have 1 email address and if I want more I have to PAY! WTF.  I should have never signed up then I can have as many email address as I want but I just don't use Office 365, I use the default email web program that comes with web hosting or whatever ...I see it in the C-Panel...

Please help me with suggestions on what I need to do to optimize and have more flexibility with my website and email address!





Hi @ch0wd0wn

You will want to remove the subdomain, but not the content. Then, you will want to take domain (A) primary and change it to domain (B), then move the data into the root directory. Please check our help articles ( for instructions on how to remove the subdomain and move your files to another directory. In regards to Office 365, if you don't use that email account, you can setup additional emails within your cPanel account. Please keep in mind your Mailbox Quota counts toward your account's Disk Space and File count usage.

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Great thanks for the tip @charminglygeeky.  For the domains, do you think GoDaddy support can assist me on that or do I have to do all that on my own?  The last thing I want to is to somehow mess up my current website.  It has woocommerce and a lot of customizations.  I realize there may be downtime when moving the domain but I want to make sure the content doesn't get messed up because we're moving to new directory.  I hope the code doesn't reference the old directory...?

As for the email.  I use this email a lot for business.  The problem is with Office 365, I only get 1 EMAIL address.  I need many more email addresses.. Help@ info@ ...etc  It appears that if I want more email addresses then I have to PAY more since I'm in Office 365.   To make things more complicated .... on my website I have a form I think it w7 form where people can submit me a message via email.  Well that goes to C Panel webmail.  Ok I have in Office 365 ... but for the webform to work on my website I have to put as an email address where the form get's submitted.  People submit form on website it goes to C-Panel inbox ... not to my office 365 inbox even though its the SAME email address... its all complex and I don't like it.  If I didn't have Office 365, in C Panel I can create so many email addresses "FREE".  But because I have office 365, my MX record is now going to Microsoft and limiting me to just 1 email.

I want to STOP Office 365, but KEEP my email address, have MX records point to C-Panel email.  Then I will retrieve my emails via C-Panel instead (or set up Outlook IMAP/POP per instructions).. I want to do this with minimal downtime.


Hope this makes sense.