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Outlook 2007 Account and e-mails deleted when running the Go Daddy Outlook setup assistant fails

I did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro (version 1709) on a machine that used to have GoDaddy's Office 365 on it.  From GoDaddy's web page for managing the installs, I deactivate the machine's version, downloaded and installed Office 365 and then ran the Outlook Setup Assistant.  The assistant shows success for "mailbox discovered", "password validated", "Outlook version is supported by Office 365", "Outlook is ready to use with Office 365", but fails with "Connection to new mailbox failed.  Please follow instructions for setting up Outlook at <webpage>."  I also see "Settings transfer encountered problems".  There had been a message about migrating the profile to the new format (or some such).


I tried a manual setup of the account via Outlook, but that fails (test email is not sent).  I also saw some error dialogs about profile problems (I've seen these before when Outlook randomly appears to trash out a profile).


Anyone know whether there is a different process to get this working?  Previously, I've installed GoDaddy Office 365 on other Windows 10 Pro machines without problems.