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Former Employee

Outlook asking for password after recent Mac update or password reset

We'd like to ensure you have a solution to the problem that appears to be occurring for many.  Here's the recap of the issue and the solution!


Affected product: Office 365

Affected client version: Outlook Mac (these solutions are not applicable to Windows)


Symptoms reported/described by the customer:

·         Outlook just asking for password over and over again

·         Password works in owa but not in outlook 2016 for mac

·         Outlook keeps asking for login

·         Outlook on mac isnt accepting my password

·         Outlook keeps popping up with the godaddy sign in page but it’s not taking my password


Two different causes and solutions for the above symptoms:


1.      Password for macOS user account does not match password for login keychain

a.       Cause: Occurs after macOS user account password is reset

b.      Solution:

2.      Outlook client configuration files are corrupted

Cause: Occurs after recent macOS update (we suspect this started in December 2016)

Please try the steps below and see if there is any improvement:

a. Go to KeyChain Access.

b. Search "Exchange" under Login --> All Items and delete everything.

c. Search "Office" and delete everything.

d. Search "ADAL" and delete everything.

e. Launch Outlook.

f. You will get the activation prompt and then If the account is already added you will see the password prompt for app and ADAL again.

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on my iPhone it keeps asking for password for the exchange account to my email


tried new password and pin no success



every week it seems to dump my email password and I have to re authenticate. So each week my email will not work across all computers and phone until I go back in to reset my password. Is there a setting I am missing? 

This is an ongoing issue.  The keychain release helps for a short period but godaddy 365 continually asks for authentication.