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Outlook: cannot move folder into nonexistent folder

I know it's more of an issue with Outlook 2013 itself than the email service, but we started to experience this issue yesterday on one of our account and everything I've found so far are impacting accounts hosted here as well.


Issue is that every few minutes, we get a new popup from Outlook saying "Your IMAP server wants to alert you of the following: cannot move folder into nonexistent folder"


The solutions I've found so far are to recreate the data file (OST) and then the profile in Outlook, and afterward, to move all the emails from the impacted folder to a new folder using webmail, then moving them back in the right folder in Outlook.


I already tried the first solutions that did help for a few hours, but the popups came back. I would like to go forward with the next solution, but there are lot of folders and emails in the account, so trying this solution will at least take several hours of our time, so I was wondering if there is other ways to fix this issue, or, at least, a way to figure out which folder would be corrupted or causing the issue. What is also not helping me is that even with those solutions, people having the issues reported that it did not help (Google search).


According to our end users, it happened all of sudden, she didn't move any folders, nor create any new folders.