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POP Email not working

I just set up a 365 email and checked that everything is ok logging in on a browser.  I wanted to have the email on an iPhone as well but it would not work with the  regular iPhone app.  They had me download the outlook app and that worked.


I was looking to have the email download to Thunderbird.  I followed the different instructions on how to set up a pop account and none worked.  I called and they checked my setting and essentially said its not their problem even though I am following the instructions from their web site. I have tried several other programs and none worked.


Is there a way to get email downloaded to an email program on a pc?  If not they should remove the things that say they can from their web site.


I was beginning to think I would need to get outlook so I started the assistant from the godaddy web site.  It did not get past verifying that my email worked.  Yet I copy and paste that info in a web browser login and it works fine.