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POP servers seem to be down...

i can't download my email via outlook. it's not a space issue or network or connectivity issue on my side. when i did the outlook test, the email apparently sent cuz  can see it when i launch on the web from Go Daddy, but i cannot download any of my email. i have 6 Go Daddy email addys and none of them will download; my other addys are downloading just fine.


I am experiencing the same thing here today.


Same here, but also applying to IMAP.  All sending is fine; receiving is not.


Same problem here. C'mon GoDaddy,


same here - I can access email via the godaddy email web app - which is not a whole lot of fun

One more unhappy customer!

Additional details - fails on 2 distinct ISP networks, but about 1 in 10 times, it works.

Same problem. This morning found that many devices (2 PCs with Outlook and 2 Android with Aquamail) are having problems connecting to my pop email account. Webmail works OK. Also, oddly enough, I have one Android phone with Aquamail that doesn't seem to be having many issues. Maybe certain setting combinations are a problem? Or just coincidence - my other Androids connect occasionally. 

me too

We've had issues nearly every day for the last 3 weeks! We can receive but not send. GoDaddy's answer is we should pay them more money to upgrade. Yeah, I don't think so.

I was told the same thing. Pay up for better service. I haven't had a problem for 10 years and now it will not work! This is like a ransom!