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Phishing Emails

Since moving from the Exchange online to Office 365 mail we've been inundated with phishing attempts from email accounts "mimicing" office 365. Does GoDaddy have a spam filter in place in front of out Office365 offering? 


I just got one as well.  It came from: Office Mailbox Notification noreply-supportdeskforpromtmaildelivery-msonlineteamverifieduser-storageteam-storagesystem <>


N­o­t­i­f­i­c­at­io­n for: ­

  O­ff­ic­e 3­6­5 h­a­s p­r­e­v­e­n­t­e­d the de­l­iv­er­y of 7 n­e­w e­m­ails ­t­o y­o­ur i­nb­o­x, Y­o­u ca­n r­ev­ie­w th­es­e he­re and c­hoo­se­ w­ha­t h­ap­pe­n­s t­o t­h­e­m.



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