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Poor Mail Deliverability; Multiple SPF Record Error


I've been seeing pretty poor mail deliverability even on personal emails, and was wondering if anyone could offer me a hand w/ my SPF record.  I ran a SPF record test on my domain using MXtoolbox



and am getting the error as seen in the screenshot below:




Considering that I'm using a dedicated Godaddy server package, Outlook365 and 2 mail sending services - Mailchimp (advised to add to SPF: and Campayn (advised to add to SPF:, do you see anything wrong w/ my following SPF records?


v=spf1 -all

v=spf1 ?all


I ran a similar SPF test at, and am also seeing an error involving multiple SPF records as displayed in the following screenshot.



If I were to combine the 2 SPF records into 1, should it read as the following?


v=spf1 ?all






Ok, I think I fixed the issue w/ the help of Godaddy staff...I removed the 1st SPF record as the apparently is only used for webmail, so when I now run the SPF record test using the same domain, the SPF checks out fine!


When I run the MXtoolbox test now on my domain, I get the 3 remaining errors as seen in the following screenshot.  How can I eliminate these errors?



Actually, turns out I needed the

My following updated SPF:

v=spf1 a mx ?all

tests fine with: