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Question mark symbols in outgoing emails

this issue of question marks and other wierd symbols showing up in the text body of emails but I am unclear if there has been a solution found for this.

All my messages incorporate question marks and sometimes wierd symbols where my clients question what is up with my email. Has there been a permanent solution found to this problem? I have tried using several standard fonts but the problem repeats in all instances.






Community Team
Community Team

If you're still seeing this issue, I'd recommend testing the email from a different web browser to see if you get the same result.  If you're seeing the same problem across multiple web browsers when using the webmail interface,  you can also try setting up the email through an email client to see if you the messages display correctly that way.  



I'm use Godaddy's Workspace Email packages and most of the emails I tell client to cc our gmail email as well is can read .. I'm not sure about setting encoding with godaddy workspace email  rightnow .. how can check or fix it ?