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Recently sent email disappears from Outlook "Sent items" folder via IMAP

Has anyone else encountered this problem?  It is not unusual for an email I just sent from Outlook to appear briefly in the Sent items folder (right after sending it) and then vanish for a few seconds, or a minute, then reappear.   I assume that it may be synchronizing the IMAP folders.  However, today I saw the e-mail vanish from the Sent items folder a few seconds after sending it, and never reappear.  I had not deleted it. And it was not in the Trash folder (which is un-purged).  Nor was it in the web-based "Workspace" folder.  Nor did a keyword search (of both Outlook and Workspace) locate the e-mail in any folder.  It was gone. (The e-mails I sent before and subsequently are still in the folder.)


GoDaddy tech support located the missing e-mail, confirmed that it had been delivered, and will restore it to the folder later today.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that they are not interested in figuring out why it happened, or providing assurances that steps will be taken to prevent it from happening again.  Has anyone else encountered this problem? 


Update: GoDaddy says they are NOT able to recover the e-mail.  They can see the message header, and confirm that it was delivered to the recipient, but the cannot recover it!  


GoDaddy explained to me that IMAP is unreliable relative to Outlook folders other than the Inbox, as further explained here:


I had the same issue and finally figured it out no help from GoDaddy.... Go to your webmail, right click on the inbox, select auto purge, and change it to never.