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Recover Quota usage



I am hoping someone can help me understand quotas.  Most of the employees are using Outlook. We were getting alot of "over Quota" messages.  We had the employees delete the emails and clean out their folders but removing the emails did not change the usage levels in GoDaddy.


The Quota usage never changed.   How do I recover that "usage" so that we do not keep having to buy more storage.?   Thank You

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Hi @MaryC1,


it sometimes seems as if 'delete' actually means "We will save it just in case you didn't really mean delete and want it back later"....... sometimes with inferior email clients........ thus a load of rubbish is saved. 

Read the following and it may help....




The true test is that if it can be recovered, it was never truly deleted! 

" dev/null " the true delete into the void..... lol 

Remember this if you ever scrap or sell a computer......... forensics isn't clever, just thorough!