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Reservation Site Emails are not delivered

Dear Support,


Kindly note that our Hotel Reservation Site is used to send auto email when a Guest is booking a Room.


but no email is delivered to either Inbox or Junk Folder at Outlook and Webmail, and when changing the delivery email on our site to my personal yahoo email, then it is delivered, meaning that there is no problem from Sender's side as I think.


This happen to all Godaddy emails that we have, not just one email address.


Please inform me if you want provide email subject, I will send it privately to support email.


Please help us in that ASAP, we cannot trace our Hotel's reservations.


Best regards.


Re: Reservation Site Emails are not delivered

I have the same problem on a couple WordPress sites hosted on GoDaddy. WP can send mail to any address except my domain email addresses.

What give????


Sorry I'm not able to offer a solution


Re: Reservation Site Emails are not delivered

Found this on another thread


"I finally got it fixed by calling GoDaddy support to ask if they needed to do something on their side.  He fixed a setting in my "MX entry"(?) and now it works!"


Looks like I'll be making a phone call.