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Retrieving Vanished Email in Outlook 2007

Can someone please help!!!
I use Outlook 2007 and recently changed my mail service.
Once I entered the new server settings, all my old mail vanished.
Where have they gone?
Please tell me I can get them back somehow.
Was using Workspace but moved to cPanel Email.
Would it help if I restored my system to a day before I changed the server settings perhaps?
Thank you


Hello Jl7web,

   Sorry to hear about the email situation. There may be a few methods to recover your email.  Firstly, if you have created backups  could use the PST backup file to restore your email content. Below i have provided a 3rd party guide of how you can preform this. 


If you have not created a backup of your emails we may be able to switch you back to workspace so that you may re-download your existing email account on our servers. Please keep in mind that some email clients will remove content automatically from email servers and we may only have your most recent content. 


How to Import Your .pst Files Into Outlook 2007


Best wishes moving forward,




Greetings TechFly,


Sadly, no backups made. I thought outlook would keep my old mail and add the new ones from cPanel.


Yes please do switch us back to Workspace temporarily, so that we may re-download our existing email account on your servers.


That would be highly appreciated. I hope all the mail still resides therein.

Any and all assistance is very welcome.


Thank you


Hi Jl7web,

  Sorry to hear that there are no backups. Switching your plan back to workspace should be a quick and easy process however you will want to contact the inbound customer support line to have this action preformed as our community members do not have direct access to any customer accounts. Best wishes moving forward.





I don't know what happened but every time I check an e.mail - after I read it - it vanishes?