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SMPT problem

Hi all,  First of all this is my first post and probably my last.  I am not a developer or a coder and I will very much appreciate your help on this.


This is the problem:  I have had an app installed by the developer on a subdomain on Godaddy.  My main domain is hosted by Bytemark.  The app sends emails.  It is necessary to "authenticate" the emails ( I am led to understand) so that they don't immediately get flagged as spam.   So the app has been set up to send the emails through my gmail account.  My developer has told me that this is not working on  Godaddy and to contact Godaddy and get them to "configure SMPT"  This is what the developer says:  " godaddy so that they allow SMTP configuration with Gmail"  This is what a Godaddy employee said on chat:


"We can't provider configuration of the product wasn't from us, Chris. You can absolutely contact google for them to check your emails and SMTP for the emails to work on your app. That's the best resolution."


The google API is already set up for my emails to be sent from the app through my gmail account.  

Is Godaddy fobbing me off here?  If so,  unfortunately I don't know enough to stand my ground and insist that they do whatever needs to be done.  Can someone help with this?


Many thanks in advance.

Cheers Chris



Well from what I gathered from your post is that you are having this app send out email from your email account, right?


On shared hosting, GoDaddy blocks the standard outbound mail ports for security. You can't use gmail, you have to use the GoDaddy provided mail relays.


Sever name is in that article, you'll use no authentication for login, no SSL, and port 25.