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SMTP settings for setting up alias in Airmail

Hi, I'm trying to set up an alias in Airmail for mac. I use icloud, for which my address is I want to set up my godaddy domain email address ( as an alias so that it shows as the sent and reply-to address. But I need smtp information. I tried using with port 465 an SSL selected. I used as the username and my godaddy password as the password. I got this from a past post to this forum. When I tried "Test SMTP," however, it failed. Am I missing something? 

Getting Started

loging your emai and see your email client setting ...this email is godaddy workspeces email or Webmail?

workspace, I guess. my plan is email account 3, and currently forwards to my account. I tried setting the SMTP for the alias in Airmail to, then for authentication setting the username to (the address for my godaddy registered domain name) and the password to my godaddy password. But when I tested the SMTP, it failed. When I turned off authentication, the SMTP test was successful, but sending an email using the alias failed. Airmail techs said I need to get the correct SMTP info from y'all. 

Did you ever find a solution for this? I'm having the same problem & don't know what to use for my setup settings.....


Hello @TessaTuttle!


Welcome to the community! One thing that may help you get an answer from someone on a thread is if you "tag" them. Here you would do so by typing the @ symbol and then clicking their name. This will send them a message, bringing their attention to your question. 🙂

In regards to your question, if it's Workspace email you have, you can use the guide here to help find your settings.


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