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Serious Problem With Webmail Interface

For the past couple of days, I have logged into our email, and immediately get booted to the login page upon sending out the first email of that session. (The email neither gets sent nor remains in an open box, so I have to recreate it each time.) This has happened several times over the past couple of days. Once it happens the first time, it doesn't happen again - unless I've logged out and logged back in. I've never had this issue before. This has happened on two different computers, though using Chrome each time. 

Getting Started

Uh ... also, I don't know why my subject title changed when I saved this post. It originally said something like "I'm logged out immediately after logging in."

UGH. It just logged me out AGAIN (and I lost another message) and now I can't even log back in. It's telling me my password is no good. 

I've had the same kind of issues. Mail works for two to three months, and then the password fails to work until you change it. Support will never admit that the problem is at their end. I had to change my password yesterday - for the third or fourth time in the last seven or eight months, and this morning -- same issue. I'm losing interest...


I had the same problem last week, every time I tried to 'edit and resend' I would bounce back to the sign in page.  GoDaddy told me that I was using the old 'classic' version and had to switch to the 'updated view'.  This did solve the issue but for some reason the 'updated view' does not have trash and the contacts are a nightmare - they no longer offer several options that I used - so I frequently bounce back and forth through the views to resolve the issues.  btw, they tried to sell me a new plan because the version I was using was so 'outdated'.  so frustrating!