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Set up Email and Hosting on different platforms

My Domain Registrar is GoDaddy. After purchasing my domain I set up emails using Zoho Email by configuring all the MX records in GoDaddy. Zoho provides the configuration guide. Everything worked fine until I bought a hosting service from HostGator. After I changed the NameServers in GoDaddy to point to HostGator, the emails stopped working i.e. Incoming emails stopped working.

How can I achieve this setup? i.e. Domain Registrar, Web Hosting, and Email Service all three on different platforms. Do I have to configure the MX records on my Web-Host now? Please point me to step by step guide if possible.

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Hi @sprasad,


The best step-by-step guide would be to have all your services on one platform. As you can see, constantly changing DNS records means constant disruptions in service. The same goes for having everything all over town.This is not good for your visitors or lost clients for you. 


You don't need to change the name servers to point to hostgator, you simply forward them..............


Zoho mail servers: mail is handled by 50 mail is handled by 20 mail is handled by 10


@Retired How can I forward name servers?  Is it as easy as creating an 'A' record and with setting the value to my shared hosting IP address? Or is there something else I need to do? Thanks.

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Hi @sprasad,


Yes of course Smiley Happy

Domain forwarding video



That's, not the solution I am looking for. I want to use my setup, with one domain name. The forwarding video you pointed to is simple forwarding when you have multiple domains. What I want to do is continue using my current DNS service provider, which is my domain registrar GoDaddy, for my website hosted on HostGator  i.e. I don't want to point the name servers to HostGator. Can I add/change DNS records (probably A or CNAME) in GoDaddy DNS service in order that my hosted website with HostGator becomes reachable? 



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Excuse me @sprasad,


I suggest you phone support because I don't feel I can explain in simple enough terms.


I am not a godaddy employee, just helping out.