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Setting up emails - Manually - Android

Hi All


Does anyone have the instructions to enable me to set up my email address manually on my Android phone?  I don't want to use Office on my Android, I am more than happy with my Gmail app.







Hey @tsomo2000,


Depending on the specific email service you're setting up on your android device; we have detailed walk throughs for Office 365 or Workspace Email plans. 


Let us know if either of these help. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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These instructions are not working. I can view and receive mail, but cannot send mail. The apps tell me there is an error with the outgoing settings.

I've tried multiple mail apps on my phone, and they all end up with the same result. My gmail, office365 and yahoo emails all work correctly as always, but not the godaddy account.

This was never a problem until about a month ago when I was prompted to change my godaddy password due to a possible security breach.


All of a sudden I can't access my godaddy email account on my phone.


There was a security issue so I changed the password for my Inbox. Now every email app says my login information is incorrect, even though it's the same login I use correctly on my desktop. I waited a full day for everything to sync up, still a problem.

How can I login from my desktop but not the phone? Is there a different port number I should be using, or what?