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Setup an Office 365 "Catch-All" Email address

All I want is to setup a catch all email for the domain and send everything to and outside account.  Why did you switch to this Microsoft crap?  How does Microsoft take things which are very simple and just totally break them?  The suggested "Solution" is not correct with how godaddy has integrated Office 365 into your hosting solutions.  Probably going to be switching hosting companies.


We have a 24*7 Microsoft Helpline Number to make ourselves always available to you. Keeping that purpose in mind, our experts are constantly working on your MS Office Setup improvement. Approach us and give a quick fix to your glitches.


I agree.   I am a sole proprietor singe employee entity.  I want every email coming to the domain to be collected.  In addition I would use prefixes to determine who is selling my info.  For example I would use if I submitted a form to godaddy.  Start getting spam to that address???  I know exactly who to blame.  Now I have to set up aliases and I can miss an order because some idiot cannot spell my name.  Also I am having trouble linking my gmail account..  It worked great before.