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Shared mail box setup



Trying to setup shared mailboxes and get the message:

The proxy address "SMPT:info@(my GoDaddy org name here) is already being used by the proxy address or LegacyExchangeDN. Please choose another proxy address.


I have ten domains within my GoDaddy organization. For each domain, I was attempting to create a shared mailbox called info@domain-name. This allows my support staff to see and respond to web inquiries from an info@ link on each of my web sites which are are tied to one of the ten domains. The shared mailbox feature enables multiple support staff to receive web-based info inquiries for the domains they are responsible for.


Any ideas on what the problem is and how to fix it?


Hey @Hal30


To help clarify, you're trying to create shared mailboxes with same alias at different domains in what sounds like an Office 365 account (per the URL example included in your error)? I think I've seen a similar inquiry on the Microsoft Community that referred to some documentation posted here.


I'm not sure this is going to be possible if you're using our own Office 365 offering, but if you try to go with the suggested solution here then please let us know if it works out for you. In the meantime, perhaps another member who has accomplished a similar setup to this might share some more insights. 


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