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Helper II

Should I use OneNote?

I recently bought an Office 365 subscription and have been trying to go "all in" on the Microsoft Office suite (because hey I'm paying for it so why not).


OneNote seems overwhelming and confusing, but I have friends who swear by it, so what am I missing? What's so great about it?

Getting Started

OneNote is CRAZY powerful! It's just a crazy crazy more organized notepad. 


I recently bought a truck for future purposes like towing, 4 wheeling, all the stuff. But ive never done it before, but i know it has amazing potential. You'll just have to get use to it and put yourself in the scenarios of using the product. Im sure there are PLENTY of How To videos on YouTube and such to direct you to some of it's awesome features. 

Advocate I

OneNote is pretty useful, especially if you are tracking a lot of parts of a project.  I use it a lot of times when I'm doing research on something and I need a place to save web links, pictures, notes, quotes, etc.  You can pretty much attach any kind of data to it and it keeps it in one place.


I also have it on my phone, so I can bring it anywhere.  I have a few web logins there so I can pull up the info while I'm not at home or away from my PC which has all of my saved info.


Good luck with Microsoft.  I went "all in" a few years ago and never looked back.  OneDrive is great, which came in handy when my old PC crashed and I just had to sync all of my docs to my new computer via OneDrive.  Everything works with everything else (Word, Excel, Outlook, computer, Android phone, iPad) and I really don't have any cases where there are any conflicts.