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Spam penalty - users wait for message to clear

I access and manage my email using GoDaddy's platform. When wading through a list of emails, I will undoubtedly come across some spam. But, when I indicate the message is spam, I am penalized by having to wait five seconds for each message to disappear that says "X messages have been spam analyzed and moved to Bulk Mail."


No other work can be done until that message fades away. So, what's the purpose of the notification? I already know the message is being marked as spam because I marked it as such.


When processing dozens of messages, having this notification on really slows down the processing.


Is it even worth it to mark messages as spam? Does GoDaddy really use the analysis to further scan for spam, and what exactly does the "spam analysis" accomplish?

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Advocate V

Definitely worth the wait.

I've had the same email address on Godaddy for a decade and a half and mostly use Outlook to access my mail.  Every now and then I'll log into webmail to 'train' my spam filter.  This will keep my inbox clear for another few weeks and then I'll train it some more.

I've had to work on servers with no spam filter and after just a few months the spam messages can number in the hundreds... per day!

I think the trick, at least in my case, is to ignore the spam till I have time to go on a Spam Rampage and go through messages from the past however many days, mark them all at once and just hit the "Mark as Spam" button once.

Another trick I've learned is to 'hide' my email address on my website with this link  It converts a plain text email address into HTML entities that work just like a regular email link but to page scrapers looks like so much gibberish.  This helps prevent your email from reaching the spammers in the first place.

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