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Successfully migrated from GoDaddy O365 to Microsoft O365!!!

All I had to do were:

  • Back up my Outlook items to a PST, which I was already doing anyway.
  • Back up my OneDrive files. No big.
  • Log onto and delete my GoDaddy O365 product. No email for an hour, but, again, no big.
  • Log onto and purchase a Microsoft O365 subscription (in my case Office 365 Business Essentials for a mere 60 bucks per year).
  • Access my new Microsoft O365 and follow the prompts to add my domain and change the default email address to my domain name. Didn't have to touch my DNS record at GoDaddy or contact GoDaddy at all. The Microsoft wizard did it all.
  • Send some test email messages. Worked immediately.
  • Set up OneDrive and sync my files. Again, worked immediately.

I did have one minor glitch when changing my default email address, but all it took to get it fixed was one brief call to Microsoft. The tech was helpful and efficient, knew what he was doing, didn't ask me a bunch of dumb questions, and got the issue fixed.


My next step was to look at the Office Admin center. Yay! No more missing or crippled functions!


Easy peasy! I highly recommend it! Of course, if you have a lot of users and/or a lot of stuff on SharePoint, you'll need more help, which Microsoft can provide locally depending on where you are, for a reasonable price.



I take it you still are issue free? I might have to look at doing this as I only recently bought my domain name but from the sounds of it foolishly signed up to go daddy email essentials to get a domain name email address. Now I can't install a paid office 365 product using my domain email address because it is already registered, yeah I know to me, apparently not. I am expecting a call from GD tomorrow as they are now refunding my email essentials but want to add website builder and hosting which is going to cost me an additional £72. I am now thinking I have really wasted money I can't afford and would have been better spent using the free ads and local paper to advertise on.