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Suddenly cannot set up/use email on Android

I've been using Aquamail on my Android for several years. Suddenly, I was getting errors and couldn't receive/send/refresh email. I uninstalled and reinstalled I tried the stock email app for I tried to add my GoDaddy email address to I've tried configuring the email set up many different I get a few different error messages, some related to the incoming and outgoing server, some related to just the's a different message each time I try to configure. At this point, I CANNOT use email on my Android and it's EXTREMELY frustrating. Examples of errors at link below.


Hi @ajjava, thanks for posting.

The error message in one of your screenshots gives a Bluehost domain name, indicating that your email services are pointing to them. Did you recently change hosting providers? If you did, you may need to update your DNS settings with them to point back to the email services you have with us.


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