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Switching from Webmail to Office 365



I have a Linux hosting account with godaddy which has webmail with 5 email accounts there. Now I would like to switch from webmail to office 365 with all existing 5 accounts on webmail retaining old emails. How do I retain the old mails and make the switch so that all existing mails also show up on newly created office 365 accounts? I don't wish to lose any existing mails while making the switch.

Appreciate any help in this regard.


Thank you.


Hey @Ajit,


Because workspace mail and Office 365 are separate platforms there's no direct method of moving or upgrading between the two email services. An Office plan would need to be purchased and the addresses setup as if creating a new account for the first time. 


Before updating DNS on the domain to point to the new O365 plan, I'd recommend accessing your existing Workspace addresses through an email client and saving file copies of the messages to your local desktop that you're wanting to keep. 


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