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The GoDaddy Security lockout for too Many incorrect logins is blocking our Real Users

We have recently been dealing with continued attacks from hackers using dictionary attacks to attempt to login to our email accounts.  Every time this happens, the GoDaddy Automatic Failed Login Counter flips a "lock-out" switch that locks the account.  While this might slow down the people trying to hack it, it also Immediately locks the real users out as well.


It doesn't help for us to change the passwords of the Users being attacked since the attacks continue and the Lockout switch gets flipped again.  We have been trying to track down the attacker but with the email accounts getting locked out by GoDaddy every 15 minutes we don't have time to track much of anything.


Because GoDaddy does NOT notify the owners of the domain that some of their users have been locked out, we assumed it was a failure in Outlook..  Microsoft is of no help in these cases because the lockout switch is controlled by Godaddy with no recourse to the Domain owners.  We can't control anything 


I have seen many complaints on the Forums from others for the same symptoms.  Many made by people who may not know that GoDaddy has such a switch and can, at their discretion, lock or unlock any account in any domain hosted by GoDaddy.  There is no notice sent to the Domain Admin r Owners when this occurs which makes for a problematic (and possibly mysterious) situation until you discover that your problem is caused by the the "GoDaddy Lockout Switch."


I understand the reasons for having such a function.  BUT.   I do not understand the logic for putting the controls for that security in the hands of an automated system or worse, no monitors at all unless someone happens to call in and complain.


This particular function apparently only locks out the user's Desktop Outlook by setting their account to show as Inactive.  It does nothing to lock their WebPortal Access.  As far as being a security precaution for our Company it is not a very good one.  But it completely stops any useful access to desktop Office 365 \Outlook 2016 Desktop by our employees.  We have to call godaddy techs every time we need to get an account unlocked.  Or else just wait for the timer to run down and then we have some time before the next attacks lock it again.


This was a function that took several months for us to figure out was the cause of our problems.  Any of you that have experience unexplained outages in your Desktop Outlook  might want to try calling a Godaddy Tech and asking them to un-check the "box" for your "lockout switch" on that account.   In our case, this results in immediately restoring proper operation of Desktop Outlook.   I can't say this would be the same for everyone.


We are being subject to several  attempt to hack all our accounts, some have succeeded.  Others not.  It would be a big help if Godaddy supported DMARC or DKIM standards as set forth by Microsoft but they don't according to many write ups here in the forums.  I have seen some who say they finally get it to work but don't bother asking for Help from Godaddy getting yours correctly configured.  They will not assist.


In most cases, Office 365 Business and Microsoft products in general; are referred to as "third party apps" that GoDaddy is not responsible for supporting.  Yet any attempts to get help from Microsoft will result in MS techs telling you that Only Godaddy can deal with Godaddy copies of Office 365.



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Zulfiqar Anees | Founder/CEO at FastTech Media, TechMag, TechKnowable, and ZulWeb | GoDaddy Pro.

We've had the same exact issue. Each and every word.

GoDaddy never told us of the lockout, or sends us messages telling us of the outage.

They in fact tried to hide the lockout from us for 8 months. The emails that get locked out are our business life blood.


We use the old tenant and they refuse to update us/provide support to us.

If we call in because of the lockout needing to be disengaged they try to hold us hostage for $1,400.00 usd almost every time and then make us listen to a sales pitch for their security package which we have had before in the past and caused us issues and did not fix the issue. They treat us like second rate citizens and like it is our fault their software won't work, and they refuse to provide us solutions they can guide us through/actually work - but boy do they love to hold our business for ransom and make us waste time.


For those of you this happens to, don't let them take your money - The lockout disengages after a certain amount of time. Yes they effectively held you hostage for 30 mins to an hour, but is that worth $1,400.00 each time they do it? The choice is yours.


Also, I can't believe I spend 30 mins to an hour on the phone each time this happens.

I can't call in and say hey unlock me. Done in 10 minutes. It is effectively a waste of my day.

Train your people better and get me help. Quit harassing us.











I understand your frustration but the the members of this forum will not be able to help you in this circumstance. Most of us here are volunteers with no access to the GoDaddy backend. For the help you need, you will have to contact support (link at top of page) and transfer to the Productivity Department. They can assist you in finding a resolution to this issue.

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