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Thunderbird SMTP Email settings with Office 365 - set the outgoing SMTP port.

After a month I discovered on my own you have to set the outgoing SMTP port in Thunderbird to 80.


I set it up and it worked for a month then it stopped working.


Godaddy's answer upgrade to Office 365.  Screw Thunderbird.  Although their website states, they support it.

I am quite sure they don't tell you this to get you to upgrade.

Now I am curious if my port will stop working again!  Arrrgh!

Good luck.

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Hello @professorplm,


I think that the GoDaddy support staff are probably encouraging the switch from your current email solution to Office 365 because it is a superior product? I don't know what you are paying for your current email solution (or if you are paying anything). I have seen and migrated users who now pay around the same of Office 365 and features for around the same price of their old solution. I don't know if that is your case but I do know that I'm also advising a switch when I'm asked.


That said there is no reason why your current setup should stop working? I assume you followed the Thunderbird: Set up email steps? Those settings should still work? Hope that helps?

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