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Helper II

Tips for becoming a Microsoft Word power user?

I typically use Google Docs for everything because of the simplicity. But I feel like if I knew more about Microsoft Word, I'd probably use it more.


For the Office power users out there... any tips?


e.g. are there any really useful things you do with Word that more people should know about?

Advocate IV

My favorite use of MS Word is their pre-made headings. If you're using MS Word 2007+, you can select some text and designate it as Title, Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.


Then you're done with your doc, you can insert a Table of Contents from the References tab. All of your headings will be stacked and formatted. Plus, they'll be hyperlinked for easy access! This is also how I create hyperlinked PDF documents; I create them in MS Word first and then export to PDF.


If you're writing in a formal or academic setting, the "Insert footnote" and citations features in the References tab are also useful. The "track changes" feature in the Review tab is indispensable if you're editing or collaborating on a doc. And you can use Visual Basic for macros within MS Word. (I use macros in Excel, but haven't played with them in MS Word.)

Thanks @valasaurus! That's a good one.

How do you manage collaboration in a Word doc? Is it as simple as sending the file to another person?

If it's a simple collaborative task, I just send the file to the other person. If it requires multiple revisions (and therefore multiple copies of the same file), or requires real-time editing, I like using OneDrive. There are many cloud-based file hosting services, and I don't love everything about OneDrive. But you can edit a document from a browser instead of choosing to download it; the flexibility is helpful.